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BillTrust FAQS


What will I be able to do on the new Online Portal? 

The portal will give you the ability to download, view and pay your invoices and statements electronically.

When will the new billing changes be effective?

We are targeting the beginning of September 2019 to make the online portal available.

What types of electronic payments will be accepted?

You will be able to pay by credit card and ACH via the online portal.

Are there any fees associated with online payments?

Credit card payments, whether made through the portal or over the phone, will carry a convenience charge of 2%. There is no fee for ACH/bank payments.


Is this mandatory?

No; however, all customers who wish to pay via credit card or ACH will be encouraged to make payments through the portal. We will continue to accept payment methods of all types but will be directing electronic payments to the website.

How will I access the online billing portal?
There will be a link to the portal directly from our website. In order to register for the first time, you will enter your account code and a recent invoice number. Instructions will be provided in August as the start date approaches.

Will I be able to give others at my company access to log in to the portal?
The individual who signs up will be the primary contact. This contact will serve as the administrator for the site and can add additional users with specified privileges.

Will our invoices and statements still look the same?

For the most part, yes. There will be some slight differences however which are intended to make the invoices and statements clearer and more intuitive when making payments.

Does this impact how I receive my invoices and statements?

No; whether you receive invoices and statements by mail, fax or email, you will be able to access electronic versions via the portal. If you wish to change the method used to transmit your invoices, you may do so at any time.


How long will my records be available on the online portal?

Invoices and statements will be available for one year from the date created. This applies only to records created after the “go live” date anticipated for September 2019. For any records older than this, please contact the Credit or Accounting departments.


What if I have other questions?

Please direct any questions to our Accounting department which can be reached at 610-981-6047.